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Gibeau's Medical Billing Service, LLC
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For many years, we have been providing accurate billing services to all ranges of clients and their specialties throughtout the United States, such as: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Speech, Vision, plus many more.  Our reputation developes on excellence for high quality, low rates "With or Without Contracts" your choice.

Just rest assure your billing is in excellent hands with the intregrity you deserve in a billing agency.
Since we started doing business with Gibeau's Medical Billing Service, we have received the maxium refund our company deserved. Plus they have bent over backwards for us in our time of need.  We recommend them to anyone that needs a biller, join them today you won't regret it.  "Janice, Georgia"

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Our focus is to make sure all your claims are processed in an timely matter, with the highest percentage paid.  We know all to well how important it is to get a steady income that your company deserves.
Since Gibeau's Medical Billing Service started with us, they have done nothing but impress me over and over again.  They are available for phone conferences even while they are on vacation. What other company can say that? They have given us the maxium reimbursement over and over again. I highly recommend them.  "Stacey, Georgia"
I have seen how your services are and can't say enough excellent things about their company.  They are the best medical billing agency I have came across.  "Christina, Georgia"
GMBS is a wonderful company to be working with.  They have stayed on top of all our billing.  I would recommend them to anyone, they are the best and always available.  "Sarah, Georgia"
We specialize in billing for the following services: physical therapy, chiropractic, speech therapy, vision, plus many more.  We stride for fast, accurate for all specialties.  Here at GMBS our agency would be the only agency you'll ever want to go to.